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Grown & Triggered!

Many if not all of society are just little children in adult bodies. We carry around the weight of abandonment, rejection, and low self worth due to experiences we had as children but never healed from because let’s face it, we don’t know how.

This course teaches you how.


I'm Ready To Heal!

Tired Of Being Triggered?

When we do shadow work, we go into the depths of our subconscious mind where all of our hurts, traumas, and everything that makes us uncomfortable resides. This 77 minute class will teach you how to master your shadow self.


I'm Ready To Heal!

Your Ancestors Are Calling!

Your ancestors are your first line of defense and can help you in more ways than one. In this mini course I breakdown the importance of connecting with your roots by venerating your ancestors.  also teach you how to setup your ancestor altar, what to use as offerings, and how to heal ancestral karma.



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Your Virtual

Goddess Coach

"My courses were intentionally created to transform the lives of women by empowering them, teaching them, and supporting them on their spiritual divine feminine journey."

- Ruth Skyy

divine feminine sisterhood...

Skyy Tribe is my group coaching membership program intentionally created for women on their spiritual journey who are committed to healing, connecting with likeminded women, and manifesting their highest good. We are truly a sisterhood of good vibes!

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