Uncover your higher self. 


Skyy Tribe is a group coaching program filled with like minded women who take their spiritual journey and their healing seriously. With access to weekly classes and an abundance of resources, this program takes away the confusion of what to do and where to start on your goddess spiritual journey. 


You will gain access to Online Spiritual Goddess Classes when you join, as well as access to member discounts on ALL READINGS.




You will also gain access to:


  • "The Goddess Blueprint Experience" by Ruth Skyy, designed to help you step by step, get started and stay consistent on your spiritual goddess journey. (VIP ONLY)


  • "The Goddess Community", a private online community (secret society) of like-minded powerful  women networking, motivating, and encouraging each other to grow, transform, and heal.


An AFFORDABLE Monthly Investment... Your healing is worth way more!
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"Where do I begin... The last 90 days has molded and transformed me into a solid, grounded, living in my truth, standing in my power, and learning that I can live the life I desire and deserve. My story begins with a woman going down a path of miserable, toxic, unhealthy behaviors, patterns, and cycles. Becoming the Empress forced me to look in the mirror and face the person that was looking back at me. I never knew how broken that person was who was staring back at me. With the amazing coaching of Ruth Skyy, I now look in the mirror and I see an Empress A woman who knows who she is, her boundaries, her power, and a woman who turned her pain into a purpose"

- Shimiya F,

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"There isn’t enough I can say about Ruth Skyy! With time, she has shown me so many ways to develop and grow myself as a person. She’s always there when I need her, and gives me her undivided attention. While partaking in her “Becoming an Empress” course, I was able to adhere to core values that assisted me with reaching a level of true self love. Ruth is realistic and assures you that you are equip to handle the ups and downs of your self love journey. Manifestation comes effortless now that I have completed many of her coaching programs and courses. She comes highly recommended!"

- Danielle S.


With over 11 years of being on her spiritual journey, your personal Virtual Goddess Coach, Ruth Skyy, will share her wisdom, spiritual truths, rituals, and secrets with you to help you tap into your higher self and stand in your goddess power.