Reparenting Your Inner Child

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Grown and TRIGGERED! 

Many if not all of society are just little children in adult bodies. We carry around the weight of abandonment, rejection, and low self worth due to experiences we had as children but never healed from because let’s face it, we don’t know how.

We just suppress and escape from these experiences using coping mechanisms that may not be the healthiest.

Until we heal these deep rooted wounds of our inner child, we will keep manifesting toxic relationships, low paying jobs, bad health, and overall bad experiences into our life that keep us feeling stuck, lonely, and disgusted.

In this workshop, join me as I teach you how to heal these childhood wounds by:

- re-mother yourself and manifest love into your life.

- re-father yourself and create more structure and firm boundaries in your life.

- release money blocks that keep you living in survival mode when you should be enjoying your life.

- balance your lower chakras to help you boost your manifestation abilities.

This workshop will trigger you into your own healing and it will require you to do the work. If you are not ready, I tell you with love do not register.

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Your Ancestors Are Calling!

Your ancestors are your first line of defense and can help you in more ways than one. In the mini course, "Connecting With Your Ancestors", I breakdown the importance of connecting with your roots by venerating your ancestors.  also teach you how to setup your ancestor altar, what to use as offerings, and how to heal ancestral karma.


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